Migrations and Roma

“It is not just about the promotion of migrants’ rights, but about wellness for all citizens”

Since the early nineties we have been involved in the Schooling Project for Roma Children. From the experimental form, in 1992, to its conclusion in 2015, the project has supported at least two generations of Roma people living in informal settlements and formal camps in Rome.
Immigration is equally important: in all our social, educational and cultural projects, we aim at creating a successful intercultural dialogue. We are registered in the “Italian Register of NGOs and entities that carry out activities in favour of immigrants” (Ministry of Labour and Social Policies) and we manage several projects addressed to Migrants and Asylum Seekers:
  • in the framework of the Italian Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR/SIPROIMI), providing complementary services such as legal and social guidance and support, and the development of individual programmes to promote socioeconomic inclusion and integration
  • intercultural and diversity education workshops in schools and youth centres;
  • orientation to work and support for employability, addressed to citizens from third countries, to foster social and employment inclusion of individuals and families in conditions of exclusion and social marginality;
  • Italian as a second language (L2) courses;

The work on local communities means connecting different identities, cultures, traditions: it is not just about the promotion of migrants’ rights, but about wellness for all citizens.


The list of our projects will be updated soon.