Other Collaborations


European Commission, Erasmus+ programme – KA2

June 2018 – June 2020

The partnership of the project is composed of: Fédération des Centres sociaux et Socioculturels de France (France; leading partner), Stichting Participe Delft (Netherlands), AskovFonden (Denmark), PEC Wallonie – Peuple et Culture Wallonie Bruxelles (Belgium), Eletfa (Hungary), Settlementi -Innishfederation of Settlement Houses (Finland), ARCS (Italy). The project is aimed at straightening knowledge and the professionalization of 14 operators of the French Federation, through six stages of practices exchange and the comparison of different contexts.

Arci Solidarietà has organized, in collaboration with ARCS, the logistics and the program of the one-week stage in Rome (13-19 July 2019).


European Commission, Erasmus+ programme – KA2 Strategic partnership.

September 2018 – February 2021

The project is aimed at straightening, through the exchange of good practices, the competences of professionals to involve youngsters with whom/for whom they work through initiatives, national and transnational projects in a euro-Mediterranean perspective of action. The project includes the participation of four partners: Fédération des Centres sociaux et Socioculturels de France (France; leading partner), Fritidsforum (Sweden), Alternatives pour l’enfance et la jeunesse (Morocco), ARCS (Italy).

ARCS, the ONG of Arci, involves in Italy four territorial committees, including Arci Solidarietà Onlus. The operators from Arci Solidarietà participate in observation stages in Morocco, French and Sweden.

Observation stage in Morocco, April 2019

Observation stage in France, June 2019

Observation stage in Lund, October 2019

Roma Civil Monitor

European Commission – Directorate-General Justice and Consumers

March 2017 – March 2020

The project “Capacity building for Roma civil society and strengthening its involvement in the monitoring of national Roma integration strategies” is coordinated by the Central European University (Hungary) in partnership with European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (Netherlands), European Roma Rights Centre (Hungary), Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Spain) e Roma Education Fund (Switzerland-Hungary). The aim of the pilot project is to contribute to the strengthening of  mechanisms to monitor the implementation of national strategies for the integration of Roma in Europe through the systematic monitoring put in place by civil society. Arci participates with other no-profit organisations from 27 member states.

Click here to download the report: Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in Italy